How can I forward Property Details from LinKey?

You can forward your property details to other LinKey users from the one-on-one chat screen by clicking on the arrow in the bottom left and selecting 'Share Property from my listings' or 'Share XXX from my listings'.

As a Dubai Agent, you can also forward property listings to anyone in your contact list by selecting one or multiple properties from the 'Manage' menu option under 'My Listings' -> 'Live' and clicking on 'Forward by chat' or 'Forward by email'. The contact details of the listing Dubai Agents who have listed the property will not be disclosed in your chat or email. Only your contact details will appear in the message sent to your recipients.

Forwarding your own listings will include property pictures, floor plan and price plan if applicable. For properties that are listings of other agents, the property pictures, floor plan and price plan will not be included and have to be sent separately by chat or email.

As a Dubai Agent, you can save property pictures, floor plan and price plan of a property listing of another agent from the chat screen or property search results. The downloaded files will be saved in a LinKey folder with the Ref# of the property listing.


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