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How can I Edit Listing Details or Change Assigned Dubai Agents if I am a Customer or Non-Dubai Agent?

You can View and Edit Details of your Listings from the 'Manage' menu option under 'My Listings' and by clicking on either 'Live', 'Sold' for listings previously reported as sold or 'Withdrawn' for listings previously withdrawn.

1. Click on a Property Listing to start making your edits. Click on either 'Save changes' to save your changes or 'Cancel' to cancel your edits.

2. As a Customer or Non-Dubai Agent, you can manage the Dubai Agents selected for your Listing from the 'Manage' menu option under 'My Listings' -> 'Live'.

Click on your Property Listing and then click on 'Update assigned agents', Select and/or De-Select Agents and click on 'Update assigned agents' again to complete your action.

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