How can I add New Property Listings on LinKey?

Go to the 'Add' menu option, select the property type of your listing and enter all the information required to add the listing. Optionally, you can add pictures, the floor plan and the price plan as applicable.

If you are a Dubai Agent, your property listing automatically goes live on LinKey. All other Dubai Agents on LinKey can view the property information except the unit# and the property owner of the listing if the listing was entered by a Customer or Non-Dubai agent. Dubai Agents can also add their listings using the bulk tool available at by logging in with their account and clicking on "Bulk Listings". The "Manage Admin" option is also available on for Dubai Agents assign a admin for entering listings.

If you are a Customer or Non-Dubai Agent, you have to select Dubai Agents of your choice to be the main points of contacts for your property listing. Your listing will be pending and will go live on LinKey as soon as one of the selected Dubai Agents accepts your listing.

For Customers and Non-Dubai Agents, pending listings can be viewed from the 'Manage' menu option under 'My Requests' -> 'Pending Listings'.

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