Is LinKey a Free or a Paid service?

LinKey is provided for free to users registered as Customers or Non-Dubai agents and is provided as a paid service to Dubai Agents.

LinKey is offered for free to all Dubai Agents during a promotional period until Q2, 2021.

After the end of the promotional period, Dubai Agents / Agencies will be given the choice to select between one of those 5 packages:

1. Basic Package - 100 AED / Month - Unlimited service, 1 free listing / month.

2. Silver Package - 125 AED / Month - Unlimited service, 3 free listings / month.

3. Platinum Package - 150 AED / Month - Unlimited service, Unlimited listings. 

4. Corporate Gold Package  - 750 AED / Month - Unlimited service and unlimited listings, For every 5 agents, Detailed Reporting Dashboard.

5. Corporate Infinity Package  - 3,000 AED / Month - Unlimited service and unlimited listings, Unlimited number of agents, Detailed Reporting Dashboard.

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