Powerful Features

Real Estate Agent features

As an Agent, you are immediately Connected to a Powerful Network of Real Estate Agents

You can Post Property Listings for Sale or Rent for other Agents to view.

You can chat with all other Agents and exchange information about Properties either on a one-on-one basis, within a group of agents or in a public forum.

You can receive Assignment Requests from Customers to List a Property or Search for a Property on their behalf. If you accept a Customer Assignment Request, you can immediately chat with the Customer on LinKey and his/her Contact Information is automatically saved in your Contact List for Future Communication.

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Customer or Non-Dubai Agents

As a Customer or other Agent, you have access to a Network of Connected Real Estate Agents for all your Real Estate Needs and you can give “Assignments” to any Agent of your Choice Based on Your Property Requirements

You can Search for a Property by Selecting Suitable Agents Proposed to you based on your Property Search Criteria.

You can Post a Property for Sale or Rent by Selecting Suitable Agents Proposed to you based on your Property Details.

You can Change an Agent any time on your Listing or Search if you are not satisfied with his/her Performance.

You can Chat and Exchange information about Properties with all Agents that you have selected and who have accepted one of your "Assignments"​.

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