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Real Estate Brokers - What Really Matters

Real-estate brokers often focus on the wrong things when trying to differentiate themselves and become successful in the midst of a competitive and unpredictable environment:   Getting more customer leads. "Owning" customers via exlusivity agreements. Hiding opportunities t ...

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The Power of Social Networks - Why Not a Social Network For Real Estate?

When I launched LinKey a few months ago, I knew that I would be the first customer for my own service given the difficulties I had to go through in the past to find the right real estate agents for specific investment or housing needs. I also knew that agents were wasting a lot of time with prospect ...

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The first real estate social network

LinKey is the first real estate social network ever created and matches real estate agents with customers based on the expertise of the agent and the property requirements of the customer. The aim is to guide customers to the right agents using a rating system and detailed agent profiles, helping cu ...

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