The Power of Social Networks - Why Not a Social Network For Real Estate?

When I launched LinKey a few months ago, I knew that I would be the first customer for my own service given the difficulties I had to go through in the past to find the right real estate agents for specific investment or housing needs. I also knew that agents were wasting a lot of time with prospect customers who were unsure which agents would best serve their needs.


Research shows that what customers are really looking for when contacting real estate agents are strong ethics, a high sense of customer service, good knowledge of the market and best advice when it comes to their property needs. This truly differentiates the 20% "best" agents from the rest...


LinKey is the first real estate social network ever created and attempts to match real estate agents with customers based on the expertise of the agent and the property requirements of the customer. The aim is to generate high quality customer leads for agents leading to significantly higher conversion rates when compared to conventional real estate portals while providing customers a platform that can save them time and improve their experience in finding the "right" agents who in turn can immediately serve their property needs.


When an agent registers on LinKey, his/her detailed profile information is visible to everyone browsing the App. When a customer registers on LinKey, his/her profile information remains confidential and is not visible to anyone. Only when the customer selects an agent to help him/her with his/her property requirements and only when the agent accepts the customer "assignment" that the profile of the customer becomes visible to the selected agent.


After the initial connection is established, the customer can immediately follow up with the agent on the App using the "LinKey Chat", an instant messaging platform highly customised for real-estate. The agent can also immediately follow up with the customer by requesting additional documents or sending property listings to the customer. The customer can rate an agent 7 days after the agents accepts the customer "assignment". The rating system helps other agents and customers decide which agents to interact with.


I am now proud to say that as a customer, I have listed 15 properties on LinKey by selecting the most suitable agents based on each one’s expertise and that the 164 agents currently connected on LinKey are starting to see the benefits of being part of an interactive professional network. More than 1,000 agents are already expected to be on the network in the next few months with the launch of the iPhone.


The LinKey App currently serves the Dubai market and is available on Google Play Store and App Store.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email me at

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